Our first two Midwest Uke & Harmonica Camps were huge successes!
Go to midwestukecamp.com for recaps and photos and to see what we have in store for you this year.

Midwest Uke & Harmonica Camp is a fun and informational experience co-produced by Mighty Uke Day‘s Ben Hassenger and Stan Werbin of Lansing’s world-renowned Elderly Instruments. Based on the long-running Midwest Banjo Camp, our camp combines the excitement of the Mighty Uke Day festival with the immersive workshop and communal activities of banjo camp. Activities include: workshops of all levels, instructor concert, open mic, group strums, and plenty of time for informal get-togethers and jams. Located on the beautiful grounds of Olivet College, Midwest Uke Camp is a encompassing weekend of ukulele & harmonica study and fun! Keep-up-to-date on all the developments at: midwestukecamp.com/ and facebook.com/midwestukecamp/ 

2018 Teaching Artists:
The 2018 lineup of teaching artists includes: Craig Chee, Neal Chin, Jim D’Ville, Cathy Fink, Sarah Maisel, Marcy Marxer, Lil’ Rev, Gerald Ross, Melissa Sigh, Heidi Swedberg, Victoria Vox, Daniel Ward, Andy Wilson, Sandy Weltman, and Frank Youngman. Find out more and register at: http://www.midwestukecamp.com/instructors/