The Mightiest Uke of All!

giant ukulele

We know of no mightier uke than the one that Larry Stump has made. It’s a 13′ long ukulele that will be displayed at Mighty Uke Day 5, and it’s playable!

Here’s how he built it: “After helping my son build an ukulele for a science class, I thought it would be interesting to build one on a larger scale. After doing some calculations I ended up at 4′ by 6′ for the body as this used as much of a full sheet of birch plywood as possible. The neck and head were formed using 2″ by 2″ boards glued together then shaped by hand. The design and construction method is the same as any standard size uke but was somewhat more difficult due to the size. For the strings I used archery bow string and paracord which produce a pretty good tone considering.”